Fleet Vehicle Wrapping


Fleet Vehicle Wrap

Advertising the business on your vehicle is extremely important no matter what you do. Also very beneficial for a number of reasons. The main aim is making your business noticeable by potential clients. Is well known that one car makes the difference. The even better result you can achieve when having all cars done in the same way.

Fleet wraps are a great way to promote your business. Van, truck, car any vehicle can be used as moving advert. Having few cars wrapped in the same design increases visibility and recognition of your business.

At Wrap Smith we offer wraps for:

  • fleet vehicles
  • leased vehicles
  • taxis
  • trailers
  • food vans

Leased Vehicles Wrapping

Advert on a leased vehicle never been so simple. Wrap if a fully reversible process, so it can be removed at any time. We can wrap your vehicle at the beginning of the lease and take off the advert at the end of your lease terms.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap

We got you covered no matter how many fleet vehicle you have. We are well experienced when it comes to fleet wrap with the same livery. Our specialist installer team provides high-quality service for each of your company vehicles, making absolutely sure they all looks exactly the same.

Our designer will help you to create an outline that will suit any vehicle. We offer:

  • Decals
  • Commercial vehicle signage
  • Printed graphics
  • Complete cover / full wrap
  • Partial wrap/half wrap

All services we provide are in line with your business needs

Taxis Wrap

By having your taxis wrapped your build up the trust with your client as they recognize your brand. Because your vehicle is on the move 24/7 the advert is seen by a lot of people day and night, which makes it extremely powerful.

We offer you cost-effective taxi wrap that will last all the journeys your vehicle defeats daily. And if you want to take off your advert after the end of your shift you can choose a magnetic sticker.

Trailer and Food Vans

Whether is a trailer or food van we offer you high-quality wrap to advertise your company brand. Both vehicles we can fully or partially cover depend on your design. From small to big trailers, from wrapping at our studio to on-site visit, all direct to our customers.

Make your business visible on the road! It’s time to be seen!




















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