Vehicle Graphics


Car Graphics

Lorry or trailer, coach or motor bike, single vehicle or company fleet. Innovative designs, complex shapes or simple communication. Major manufacturer or sole trader.

At Wrap-smith we understand the importance of all these features for you and your business. As your local vehicle graphics provider, we keen to deliver good advertising and continuity of your branding. Applying vehicle graphics can have several different outcomes, it can:

  • accentuate the professionalism and authority of your business
  • make your vehicle more recognizable for the local community
  • promote your business
  •  highlight special skills, telephone number or website
  • ad a bit of character to your vehicle

Vehicle Wraps

A car wrap is when a coloured polymer is used to cover vehicle paintwork, for advertising purposes or as a cost-effective alternative to re-spray.

Colour change vinyl is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application allows effectively change the vehicle colour in a short period of time without unnecessary mess which is associating when re-spraying.

  • cost-effective alternative to re-spraying
  • easy to remove
  • variety of unique colours & textures available
  • protect original paint from UV and minor scratches

Van Graphics

At Wrap Smith you can advert on your van in many ways:

  • cut vinyl is the most popular and cost-effective method of van sign writing. Cut to shape vinyl is great when applying simple phone number, logo, website and business description.
  • printed media is much more involving technique which allows a bespoke design to be printed in larger format.

Our professional team will help you choose the right method of the advert to suits your budget.

Fleet Vehicle Wrapping

Advertising the business on your vehicle is extremely important no matter what you do. Also very beneficial for a number of reasons. The main aim is making your business noticeable by potential clients. Is well known that one car makes the difference. The even better result you can achieve when having all cars done in the same way.

At Wrap-smith we offer wraps for:

  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Leased Vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Trailers
  • Food Vans

Custom Stickers & De-chrome

Stickers or decals are a great way to add your signature on your beloved vehicle. Both give a bit of character and make your car, bike or van original and unique.

We have a great and cost-effective solution for you. Matt, gloss or satin finish give your ride more stylish and sportier look. you can wrap mirrors, roof rails and many more!

Reflective Wraps

Our window film service combines the three most popular glass film applications used for offices and private properties.

Highway Maintenance Chevron

If your business involves being on the motorway 24/7 as part of road works or road assistance and you must stay safe and visible, we offer you a wide range of reflective vinyl and chevrons.

Be visible on your bike

Reflective vinyl can also be applied on the bike, motorbike making biker or cyclist much more visible and at the same time increasing your own safety.

Accent your vehicle body lines

Reflective wrap film is the perfect way to add a touch of distinction and bling to your ride.

Bike Wrap

Vinyl can be used to wrap almost everything. From cars to a motorbike. Recently bike wrap becomes more and more popular. Many motorbike owners show an interest in a vinyl wrap as is a great alternative to re-spraying. Bike wrap often is a cost-effective way of changing the look of your pride.

At Wrap-smith we are well-experienced when comes to bike wrap. Over a years we have done vehicles for the race track, exhibitions, private customers who have a passion for this vehicle, and many more.

Interior Wraps

At Wrap-smith we not only taking care of your exterior color change but the interior of your vehicle too! You can change the look of panels inside your car from black and dull to almost any color you wish.

What is interior wrap?

Interior wrap is a vinyl cover of panels and trims placed inside the vehicle. Depends on a very precise and detailed wrap.

Inside your car is many trims and panels. Interior wrap can cover almost everything, the most popular to wrap are:

  • Steering Wheel
  • Console
  • Instrument Panel
  • Door Handles
  • Door Shuts