Car Window Tinting


Window Tint

Wrap Smith has hundreds of installs on many vehicles in a range from a car to truck or even caravans. Our experience and many connections have helped us to choose the best material from the global market of window tinting material.

Wrap Smith does tinting of windows and rear lights in expert quality.
Installation is done without removing the glass. Type of tint film is always chosen individually after careful consultation with the client.

Our stock has a wide range of car window tinting film. We are based in High Wycombe area and covering most of Buckinghamshire.

Lights Tint

Instead of purchasing expensive manufacture smoked car laps, you can call us today and we will apply transparent film. Not only your lights will have the same effect but you will save money, and protects them from UV rays.

Also, our transparency film will provide additional stone chip and scratches protection.