15th November 2021

Masterclass Cricket

Masterclass Cricket

Partial van wrap

Partial or full van wrap is a great way to advertise. Always on the move van, make the business twice more visible for potential customers. Furthermore, make the company look professional, and what follows builds trust. 

How do we produce the vehicle advert for you? See below:

  • traditional signwriting, using cut vinyl letters technique,
  • digitally printed graphics, printed in house on HP335 latex printer
  • mix and match both 

We offer design, supply, and installation services for all our works! 

Masterclass Cricket Van 

In this article we would like to present a partial van wrap using digitally printed graphics for Masterclass Cricket. For this project, we use Avery Dennison MPI1105 Speedmaster. Yellow elements of the design blend perfectly with the color of the van. Firstly, before we could apply the graphic to the vehicle, we had to produce it. Therefore it took some time to print and gas out before it was ready to laminate. Once the vinyl was ready, we could get our hand on the van. Stripping and cleaning (as you might already know) are necessary to complete the work to high standards. The next stage was vinyl application. For installation, Andy and Frankie use infrared light, which heats a much bigger area than a heat gun, and what follows speeds up the work. We think the final result of the project is fantastic! 

See the below pictures, and let us know what you think in the comments on our social media. 

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