6th December 2021

VW Transporter

VW Transporter

Two-tone wrap 

A two-tone wrap is one of many ways to modify your van. Although it changes the look is also cost-effective. 

The main advantage of the half wrap of your Transporter van is the easy removal of the wrap. Another feature is the durability of the branded vinyl, a top brand’s warranty their material for up to 12 years. 

At Wrap-Smith, we provide certified installation with a warranty for all our works. You are in safe hands! 

Transporter two-tone

This time, we would like to share our latest work on VW Transporter. T6 got a new look with Liquid Copper Metallic on the lower half and its original color on the top. For this project, customer choice falls onto the 3M 2080 range. As always, for better access and the best finish, we dismantled some panels. Next, we moved to the cleaning process, finally wrapping in Copper Metallic. The two-tone results are just extraordinary. The transporter looks fresh and very modern. 

See the below pictures, and let us know what you think in the comments on our social media. 

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