28th July 2020

Interior & Exterior signs

Interior & Exterior signs

Interior and Exterior signs

Interior and Exterior signs are an important part of the business advertising process. Signage is not just about identifying your brand. The internal sign can be a compelling form of communication for creating awareness or generating a response. Stunning signage creates a powerful first and lasting impression.

Offspring Installation Exterior sign

The exterior sign must inform and direct. Recently we build the signs for Offspring Installations form Penn, which accommodates the most well-known sign features. The signs inform about the company name, and arrows direct the visitors. Because we understand the importance of colors, all shades of the Offspring sign were kept in the same tone to match van and lorry graphics.

Offspring Installation Interior sign

For an interior sign, we use flat cut letters. We wrap the letters before installation with satin dark grey and pink to keep branding tone. The letters are standing out from the wall, therefore gives a nice effect with slight shadowing. The grey wall accent the signs even more.

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