21st March 2020

Van Graphics

Van Graphics

Wrap- smith does van graphics 

Is your company supply events such as parties, weddings, or more? Does your van, company car, bike recognizable? And your brand visible on your vehicle? Even simple stickers can make your business more visible for your future customers. If you look for van graphics or signage placed onto your vehicle contact us!

Chillidogs van 

This time we would like to present the graphics on ChilliDogs van, events catering company. Steph and Dan contacted us to supply and install the graphics on their fabulously looking event vehicle.  

On the van, for the best results, we used a digital print with the cut vinyl. Satin black truck, has on the one side black gloss logo and digitally printed hot-dog picture, that is going along the side and back of the van.

The idea of the graphics is to keep it as simple as possible, so it does not conflict with a future sponsor’s logos and designs that can place their advert on the event van. To see more or to order the catering for your event visit their website https://www.chillidogsevents.co.uk/

We wish all the best for Steph and Dan in their event catering business! 

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