12th August 2020

Subaru decals

Subaru decals

Decals at Wrap-smith

From personalized to custom stickers and decals. Stickers or decals are a great way to add your signature to your beloved vehicle. Both give a bit of character and make your car, bike, or van original and unique.

We can reconstruct old stickers, decal, or produce bespoke ones. Whether you need just a number or more involving decal for your vehicle, we are here!  

Subaru decals / bespoke bonnet wrap

This dream car arrives at us for the Subaru WRX kit installation with some extras for the bonnet. The car transformation took a full working day. We install the graphics with care to make sure each one is in the correct place. To make a car even more eye-catching, we applied 3M 2080 shadow black vinyl on the bonnet https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/graphics-and-signage-uk/2080-restylers/auto-wrap-inspiration-gallery/  This shade is especially great as looking different depending on the time of the day and weather. Calm and tone when cold, and shiny gorgeously glowing when the sunny. 

All create a fantastic effect. 

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