21st October 2020

Special Project

Special Project

Special projects are something we love! From laptop to a wine cooler, we can wrap almost everything and anything. A wrap is a great way to personalize your belongings and make them bespoke and unique. Something potentially ordinary we change to extraordinary! 

Laptop wrap 

Why not make your laptop look bespoke! Our main aim of this project was to freshen the look of the notebook. However, to choose the right color wasn’t the easiest. Unique original color make our the decision even more difficult. Our first thought went to solid color. Finally, we decided to go with a very colorful design call sticker bomb! The design is very bespoke, include many companies logos like Red Bull or Monster. Lost of green make the digitally printed wrap blend nicely with the original color. For this project, we use Avery Dennison printing vinyl MPI1105 EA RS.

We love the final results of the project. The new look of the laptop is fantastic! 

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