10th November 2020

Marble Sign

Marble Sign


A sign/signs is part of the business advertising process. The internal sign can be a compelling form of communication for creating awareness or generating a response. At Wrap-smith, we design and create bespoke, stunning signage that has a powerful first and lasting impression.

Marble sign

This time we had an opportunity to create signs unique in every way. For signage production, we use an aluminum composite panel. This durable material was ideal for the job. Firstly, each of the three boards we individually wrapped using architectural vinyl from Cover Styl. The beauty of this vinyl is the marble effect, which is deceptively similar to real stone. An additional advantage has up to 10 years of durability. Secondly, we applied white lettering with company details, and finally, we fitted the gold logo and small phone and Instagram icons. Summarizing the marble sign creates a harmonious and coordinated whole.

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