9th July 2019

Sign Making Project For Bucks MMA Clinic

Sign Making Project For Bucks MMA Clinic

Lage format signs, banners, stencils and flags for Bucks MMA Clinic

High Wycombe MMA clinic offers Jiu Jitsu Classes, Boxing Classes, MMA Classes and Muay Thai Classes for beginners or advanced. Classes are for everyone, male, female, and all ages. The gym has fully equipped facilities. You can find there three floors, 6000sqft of matt space, boxing ring, weights area, further more cardio area, combat shop, showers and changing facilities.

Wrap-smith do sign making

As a sign-making company, we had a pleasure to be a part of this fantastic project. The gym was made up from scratch and many people worked very hard to finished the work on time and with high-quality standards. Our part was to complete the look of the gym by creating signs, banners, logos, moreover stencils, and flags.

The project involved a generous amount of signs along with large format digitally printed sign and stencils. Some signs before they were ready to print due to their size needed a graphic touch form a professional graphic designer. And here where Tom from Simplosoft https://simplosoft.co.uk/ gave us a helping hand. He made the posters perfect and ready for production in seconds. Now you can find them at the gym, and trust me you will not miss them because they are the actual human sizes, what’s making them even more eye-catching.

The stencils are not only great in size. Very powerful and encouraging in a message has been placed in areas visible for trainees to help motivate, and fight for a better version of yourself .

Banners and flags are making the gym visible from the main road. Frosted vinyl we use in the changing rooms to give privacy and solar control film is protecting downstars from overheat in hot summer days.

The MMA Clinic final results

To sum up the final results of the MMA Clinic are just simply extraordinary!
The gym looks phenomenal with new training equipment and persuasive signs. Must see! https://www.instagram.com/themmaclinicbucks/

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