23rd September 2020

Satin Black Wrap

Satin Black Wrap

Gloss, matt or satin…? 

Gloss, matt, satin? What finish do you like on your car?

Vinyl, apart from a wide range of colour selection, has another fantastic bonus. Many colours are available in mention above gloss, matt, or satin finish. This option satisfy every customer. In this article we present satin black wrap.

Ford Ranger colour change 

This time it wasn’t as significant colour change because the car at first was black. The Ford Ranger had his transformation from gloss black to satin black. However change, not massive but still very visible and definitely for a better look. As always, for a full wrap, we used high-quality vinyl. The customer favorite was 3M 2080 vinyl range, which has up to 8 years of durability. More about 3M product you can find out by visiting https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/company-uk/3m-products/~/3M-Wrap-Film-Series-2080/?N=5002385+3289852351&rt=rud

We love the new look of Ford, satin black wrap proof to be a fantastic choice.

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