21st October 2020

Mini stripes

Mini stripes

One of many ways to make your vehicle stand out is to add bespoke stripes or decals. Both are a great way to add more character or to personalize your beloved car. Many advantages of this are unique design and colour. 

At Wrap-smith, our design team will make your idea possible, a wide range of colors available will satisfy everyone. 

Bespoke stripes on Mini 

This time, we had an opportunity to transform Mini Countryman into a unique vehicle. Stripes on Mini are trendy, and almost every car has them but, these are remarkable! The contour of the decals is very simple and traditional, but the colour is what makes them so bespoke. The client’s favorite colour is orange. From a wide colour selection, the decision fell on Daggi Orange and Anthracite from Oracal. Both colours work together beautifully. One underlines the other. To complete the look of the car, we wrap the mirrors in lovely orange as well. The car now looks fantastic! 

Closer shots you can see by visiting our Wrap Smith YouTube channel

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