8th January 2020

Martini decals

Martini decals

Car decals

The main aim of vehicle decals is to decorate the car, add more character, make it stand out. At the moment on the market, you can find thousands of designs custom and bespoke for car decals. This time we would like to present Martini decals.

Martini decals on Porsche

Martini are probably one of the most popular decals on the market. They have their history beginning in 1962 when they appear for the first time at Daytona racing. At the moment, above decals are available in many different colours and designs.
At our unit, we had a pleasure to fit them on the Porsche 911. The stickers suit the car perfectly. Also, blue colours stand out nicely on the silver background. The stickers surely add more character to the Porsche, making it stand out from the others and unique.

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