4th July 2019

KC Studios Sign

KC Studios Sign

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Signage is a vital part of marketing activity, offering outstanding visibility and value. Power of well design sign can be remarkable. For instance the sign can inform, and inspire, furthermore promote an event. Temporary signage can transform an area or advertise short-term promotions. Window graphics and internal point of sale can radically improve a customer’s experience.
At Wrap-smith, we offer complete signage solutions from shop signs, interior and exterior signs, reception signage, banners and much more.

KC Studios sign

KC Studios sign was a fantastic project we had a pleasure to complete. The sign is not a standard sign! But is a fabulous combination of architectural vinyl and cut vinyl letters!
The sign, when came to us, needed re-doing. The old letters were cracked and colour faded. The new design proposed to transform it into marble. To achieve this effect, we used architectural vinyl called Ash Marble. The vinyl gives a perfect marble imitation. To complete the look we applied white vinyl letters.

Sign transformation results

Final effects of the conversion the sign are simply fabulous! In conclusion the sign has got the power to promote the business and inspire.

You can spot the sign at Notting Hill London @KC Studios or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw5HsO4jXTZ/?hl=en

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