1st December 2020

BMW X5 Interior Wrap

BMW X5 Interior Wrap

Interior wrap 

However, the external color change has always had a wow effect. Nowadays, interior wrap gets more and more attention. The car interior can transform as well as the exterior. Dashboard, center console, door panels are the element that can change their look. The choice is enormous, from standard color to carbon through wood effect. 

BMW X5 interior 

This time we wrap the interior of the BMW X5. All elements originally in brushed aluminum, we transform and wrap in carbon fiber effect. The beauty of this textured vinyl is that, covers some imperfections of the panels, like minor scratches giving a new fresh look to the car. 

To start the process, as usual, we had to prepare the surface with cleaning detergent made for vinyl. The next step is the template preparation. Soon we have a template then we cut the right shape of the material. When all ready for installation, we start the work. Slowly panel after panel, the car interior changes the look. The interior wrap is precise and time-consuming work, depend on element shape, might take several hours to complete. However long, when finish, give the car interior new life.

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