21st April 2021

Mercedes AMG

Mercedes AMG

Colour change

The exterior colour change is a great way to refresh your car look. A full wrap is a quick and cost-effective alternative to spraying, and what is the best fully removable. You can go back to your car’s original color whenever you wish! Our team is highly experienced and qualified by Avery Dennison. Your vehicle is in safe hands!

Mercedes AMG full wrap 

In this article, we would like to present a MEGA transformation of Mercedes sl63 AMG. The car’s original color was dark blue metallic, but after a visit to our workshop, we convert it into a green beast. Satin Metallic Lively Green is a fantastic and very unique color produced by Avery Dennison. We start complete wrap from cleaning. Then, it was more cleaning and even more cleaning! Not everyone knows that the preparation stage is one of the most important when wrapping the car. Every small spot of dirt must be clean. Next, when all spotlessly clean, we start the process of color change. Customer choice of color fell on Avery Supreme Range Satin Mettalic Lively Green. Avery Dennison vinyl is excellent to work with, highly comfortable, very easy for positioning makes the wrapping truly enjoyable. To finish off the transformation of the Mercedes few parts got a new carbon fiber look! When all wrapped and post heated, the car was ready to show its bespoke appearance to the world!   

We love the new color on Mercedes. Visit our social media portals and let us know what you think! 

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