4th November 2019

Audi S1 full car wrap

Audi S1 full car wrap

Car wrapping at Wrap-smith

Thinking of changing the colour of your vehicle? Visit us in our unit at High Wycombe for full car wrap! We offer complete colour change including the interior of the vehicle.

Audi S1 full car wrap

This time we had a fantastic project of turning the Audi S1 from red to yellow. Because both red and yellow are quite intense, the car interiors were wrapped too. The door shuts, returns, and boot in a short time turned to yellow. As we are very keen on details, the wheel centre cups got a small touch too, following the whole car, they get wrapped. We add a black Audi logo, so it stands out from the background but blends with the roof.
The fabulous effect of Audi’s colour change we achieved by using the 3M 2080 series https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/graphics-and-signage-uk/2080-restylers// The new 2080 series has an extra layer that enables the outstanding quality of wrap by reducing surface imperfections like hazing or scratches on gloss films. Summarising the vehicle after taking off the layer looks like after leaving the factory.

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