15th March 2021

Fiat Abarth

Fiat Abarth

Fiat Abarth 595

Looking for decals, stripes, partial wrap for your Fiat Abarth? 

At Wrap-smith, you can upgrade your car to a racing level. Our custom-made stripes and decals in custom colors make your auto unique. 

Styling 595

To change the look of the car, not necessarily the full exterior vehicle wrap is needed. Sometimes small decals might transform the appearance and what we would like to present in this post. Fiat Abarth 595 arrives straight to us from a dealer. All project was a secret surprise for a customer wife on her birthday! 

We start the upgrade with rear spoiler wrap in black gloss. As usual, for this, we used 3m 2080 black vinyl. Soon after completing the Fiat rear spoiler, we move to wing mirrors. To keep the colors and finish in one tone, we wrap them in black gloss too. The next step to give the 595 more racing look was the bonnet decal. The bonnet stripe design depended on the side racing stripes that the car already had on arrival. To finish off the Fiat Abarth, we added a dashboard sticker and black gloss rear light inserts.

We love the Fiat transformation. Visit our social media portals and let us know what you think!

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