29th October 2020

Ferrari 488 gtb

Ferrari 488 gtb

Black wrap

Black roof wrap, black mirrors, black stripes and more are great additions to change the look of the car. Although these changes are not invasive can still beautifully refresh the vehicle exterior. Easy to remove and available in a variety of gloss, matt, satin, or carbon finish, become one of the most popular in car wrapping.

Ferrari black roof 

This time we had a supercar for roof wrap in black gloss. This powerful 530 kW horsepower Ferrari 488 gtb had the ambition to become a two-tone car. We didn’t hesitate and got our hands-on to wrap the roof . Firstly the car had to be clean from any grease and silicone for this we used 3M surface cleaner. When all spotlessly clean, we move on to the next step: material application. In Ferrari, A-pillars and rear pillars along with roof are all one piece! Roof wrap wasn’t easy! We used 3M black gloss from the 2080 range as easy to work with, a very conformable material. The last step was trimming: we used 3M knifeless tape applied before the vinyl installation. The final results are fantastic! 

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