11th September 2019

Viper stripes

Viper stripes

Vehicle decals become recently more and more popular.
Stickers or viper stripes are a great way to add more character to your ride. These days, vinyl colours and textures available on the market allows a bespoke design. You can play with shades and surfaces to be as much original you want.

Mini stripes

Recently, we had an opportunity to present our skills with viper stripes. Mini Cooper S and Mini Clubman are very popular cars mainly, because of their sporty look. The variation of decals: viper stripes, sporty stripes, Union Jack available for the Mini is enormous. They can be fit on bonnet, tailgate or just the bonnet. You can choose stripes on the side of the vehicle or going all around if you wish.
Great selection available on the market allow for stripes to be mix and match with colours, shades, and textures.

Bespoke stripes

We offer a wide and bespoke selection of stripes, accordingly to your preferences. You choose the color, thickness of the stripes, and place where they will be install.

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