1st December 2020

Jaguar F-pace

Jaguar F-pace

Chrome delete 

Chrome delete recently is more and more trendy. The black edition of the car can be expensive. At Wrap-smith, we have a solution! In our offer, we have a cost-effective alternative: chrome delete. De-chrome is nothing than wrapping the silver trims on your car! Choose from gloss, matt, or satin finish. 

Jaguar F-pace 

This time we modify to a black edition Jaguar F-pace. Customer choice fell on gloss black vinyl. As usual, to complete the work, we used 3M 2080 range vinyl. This vinyl has up to 8 years of durability and perfect for the job. 

Before we start, the car must be carefully clean and dry from any water residue hiding in gaps around trims. Sometimes the drying process looks like is never-ending, as water keep showing. For drying, we use a heat gun and pressure compressor. When perfectly dry and clean, we start wrapping. Firstly we delete the chrome from the top part of the car: roof rails and window surrounds. Next, we move to the lower part of the vehicle. De-chrome in black gloss we did on side vents, front vents, and front grille. To upgrade the car slightly more on Jaguar, we wrap the wings mirrors and tint the windows. 

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