26th November 2020

Box Wrap

Box Wrap

Cooler box , vehicle, furniture at Wrap-smith we can wrap almost anything! Wherever you need the wrap for your company exhibition or your personal needs, our installers ensure your requirement is complete to the highest standards. 

Box Wrap 

This time we had an opportunity to wrap the cooler box for Controlant, Cold Chain as Service company based in Iceland. The box purpose was to advertise the company at the exhibition in London. For this reason, the choice of color had great importance. We decided to go for the Hexis range to complete the project as a perfect color match. To start the project, we had to dismantle some parts of the box for best results. Next, we wrap the cooler all in blue, including columns and the bottom tray. The lid had a touch of turquoise to break the tone of the box. As mention above, the main aim of the cooler was to advertise, so the company logo we place on top and sides. The last thing was to screw the dismantled elements back, and the box was ready for collection. 

Fantastic project and we are pleased with the results! 

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