1st July 2019

Bike Full Wrap

Bike Full Wrap

Bike full wrap

Bike full wrap is a great way to add a bit of character, also to change the look of the vehicle in the colour you want. Recently bike wrapping becomes very popular as a faster and a cost-effective way to re-spraying. For many bike lovers, this is a great way to transform their pride any time they want!

Yamaha VMax wrap

This massive and beautiful beast originally grey colour came to us for a full wrap or as we like to call it a full makeover.
The owner wishes to have his bike to be done in white to match the colour of his other vehicles. So we did! Step by step, very carefully we removed all panels. Each panel we wrapped in Avery Dennison white gloss vinyl and when all done placed them back. As additional protection, we added the Paint Protection Film on areas which are the most vulnerable to scratches when sitting on a bike. PPF were added especially around the back seat to protect freshly applied vinyl.

Bike wrap results

Final results of a full wrap Yamaha VMax bike are absolutely fantastic and the white colour suits the bike perfectly! White wrap simply proved to be a great choice!



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