14th July 2021

BMW S 1000 XR

BMW S 1000 XR

Bespoke bike

Bespoke bike decals or stickers are an aim of every bike over. At Wrap- Smith our team helps you to create unique bike decals and stickers. We offer full and partial bike wrap. Only what you need is an idea which we make alive. 

BMW S1000 XR decals 

This time we would like to present a very bespoke bike decals design. Let’s start the story from the beginning. We received the request for the decals from the customer. He provides pictures of his bike and images of how he wanted his bike to look. It looks very challenging, but we like challenges! The bike design wasn’t something we could re-create and cut out on the plotter. Each sticker had to be handmade. The use of different colours than on the design idea was complicating the work a little bit more. We had to be extra careful not to mix the colours and remember that yellow on the design will be red on the bike in turn, the blue will be white, etc. Sound tricky, and it was a bit crafty. To achieve the correct shape and level of the stickers, we use indispensable knifeless type form 3M.

The whole process took a while, but the final results are just fantastic! See the below pictures, and let us know what you think in the comments on our social media. 

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