22nd January 2020

Urban Safari – car wrap

Urban Safari – car wrap

Bespoke vehicle wrap

At Wrap-smith, we offer bespoke car wrap. Your idea we move on the paper creating the bespoke design and finally onto your beloved vehicle. Our highly qualified installers are keen to details and always motivated to deliver the best quality.

Bespoke design

Customer idea of zebra design our design team moved on paper and created two different drawings.

Zebra design vehicle wrap

This time we had a great pleasure to transform Suzuki Jimny. The car becomes a Safari vehicle. To achieve the Zebra design with not regular stripes and patterns, so imitate the reality, the change began from full car wrap in black gloss. For this, we used black gloss form 3M 2080 range
https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/graphics-and-signage-uk/2080-restylers/ The car after black vinyl application looked like brand new!
Then the time came for the white stripes. Each stripe placed individually created a fantastic bespoke Zebra pattern.

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