15th August 2019

Bespoke Signs & Vehicle Graphics

Bespoke Signs & Vehicle Graphics

Wrap- smith signs and vehicle graphics for Rindt

Whether you starting the business or re-branding already established one, we got you covered! At Wrap-smith, we provide complex sign and vehicle graphics services. From display to reception sign, from stickers to vehicle graphics.

We cover all aspects when comes to company branding!

This time we had a pleasure to complete the work for Rindt, the vehicle design Porsche specialists. Check out their website at https://www.rindtvehicledesign.com/

Interior Signs

The company recently refurbished its premises, and we took the request for a reception, doors, and walls signs. For the reception, we have created a large round sign, which is wall-mounted and has an orange background with a centred logo. We have also transformed the desk. To add more character to it, we added orange branded borders. Furthermore, we relinquished an A-frame pavement sign to promote the business outside and made the oval branded door sign to direct future customers.

Because we know how important is the color for company branding, all signs are done in the same orange color shade, what helps to recognize the business.

Vehicle graphics | Fleet

Our complex services cover not only interior signs but also vehicle graphics. The first vehicle which arrived at us was Porche. We changed the color of the decals to orange, and the vehicle was ready for a race. Although it wasn’t the end of our cooperation. Next, two Fiesta vans arrived for vehicle graphics to be done. We applied the graphics and vans were shortly ready to promote the business.

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For multiple signs and vehicle graphics services don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form https://www.wrap-smith.co.uk/contact/ or simply give us a call on 07513340864/07934235880.


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